Indian movies in France with Bollyciné

AADI has partnership with Bollyciné to promote the diffusion of indian movies in France.

Bollyciné : a network to promote indian movies


Bollyciné is an NGO in France which acts to promote indian movies in french theaters. The NGO exists since 2012 by the work of volunterr people only, passionated with indian movies and who wants to have more acces for these movies in France.

Bollyciné on the web

If you want to have more informations about the indian movies in France :

Twitter : @Bollycine.

Facebook : bollycinecollectif. 

Trailers in the dailymotion’s channel :


To contact directly the NGO : Sarah BEAUVERY et Lydie VESSELLA
Téléphone : 0033 (0)7 87 33 05 21
Mail :

Article published on 20 may 2016

Backstage of festival Armor India

Monday 16 may

Fesitval is over, we say special thanks to all the indian and french artists, to the volunteer who helped with the organisation and to the people who came as spectator ! We removed the wall painting in order to preserve it for next events.


sunday 8 may

Concert with Deepsankar Bhattacharjee (sitar) and Tristan Auvray (tabla) in Carantec city (France) : 65 persons attended. A beautiful concert, lot of good vibrations. The first raga: Malkauns, dedicated to her mother for the International Mothers day.


saturday 7 may

Fourty-five people came to attend this conference, introduced by Ingrid Therwath. She works as journalist, she is also specialist of politics and teacher at Sciences Po Paris (France).


Thursday 5 may

Concert at Pixie in the city of Lannion (France). Sitar et Tabla “ Music for the soul”. Deepsankar Bhattacharjee, bengali artist played with Tristan Auvray.


mercredi 4 mai

Rock and indian traditional music with Nirmaan, Parveen Sabrina Khan and Sylvain Barou.


Monday 2 may

The festival Armor India also present in primary schools. Three generations from Khan family, tabla musician from Jaipur, played a concert in front of 72 children of a primary school in Morlaix (France).

2016-05-02 10.53.03 2016-05-02 10.52.01

Sunday 1st may

In Aadi : concert “Les 3 générations ». Wit Parveen Sabrina Khan, her father Hameed Khan, her brother Ilyas Raphaël Khan and her grand father Yusuf Khan.


Saturday 30 april

Dancers of group Odissi are the guest of Mr and Mme Breton, from AADI NGO. After the show,, european food and times to share and talk together.


Friday 29 april

First day of photo exhibition “Re-Imagining people of India” in AADI. Then the show performed by Odissi in the Théâtre du Pays de Morlaix. Thanks to Aditya Arya for his pictures.

  • First day of photo exhibition “Re-Imagining people of India”

FullSizeRender5114FullSizeRende1rFullSizeRende8r  FullSizeRende4r

  • Dance show performed by Odissi


Thursday 28 april

The exhibition “Re-imagining the People of India” has been set up slowly:




Wednesday 27 april

The wall painting, made during the “Journées du patrimoine” event, by indian artist Inkbrushnme, who came to Morlaix (France), is now on the wall of the Manufacture building, in Morlaix, waiting for the begining of the festival:

DSC07748     DSC07741     

DSC07744 DSC07757

Tuesday 26 april

Dancer of Odissi are practicing in Plougasnou (France) to prepare the show :



Monday 25 april

Aditya Arya and his team, in charge of exhibition’s preparation :


IMG_1787Welcomed today morning in Plougasnou (France), dancers of Odissi, after a long way from Bhubaneswar, Orissa:

Further information on this page : programmation

Article published on 25 april 2016

Six students from Morlaix (France) did their internship in India

ouest france telegramme

Contact form for school exchange programs

You are teacher and you are interested to take part in exchange program with France colleges, we can help you to contact french colleges, you can fill the form below :

Article published on 24 january 2016

Street Art for the french event “Journées du patrimoine”

In a previous article we spoke about Harshvardhan Kadam, street art artist who came to Morlaix for the french event called “Les journées du patrimoine” in september 2015. This event happens every year and is a moment to discover heritage buildings.

P1260999 Harshvardhan is indian artist who come from Pune. His name as an artist is Inkbrushnme.

He came in France for the first time and we are very glad that he came to realize a street art work in the streets of Morlaix. P1270004 He printed some of hiw previous work to propose an exhibition in the NGO

He did a painted inspired by the local history of Morlaix : we can see an elephant, which is of course from indian culture but this elephant carries the “viaduc” very famous from Morlaix and the “Manufacture” which was a very important factory before, to prepare tabac. His art work was printed and sticked on the wall.

Article published on 14 january 2016



Coming event : Indian street art in Morlaix (France)

Indian artist Harshvardhan Kadam, from Pune, will be in Morlaix this year from september the 10th to the 20th ! This the time of “Journées du patrimoine” in France and in Europe. To know more about his work, you can visit his website :

To see pictures of this event, go to our page Street art for the french event “Journées du patrimoine”


Article published on 7 september 2015

Maps of school exchange programs

AADI NGO helps to organize school exchange programs between France and India. You can see below the map which shows cities where already some students were concerned by such exchange programs. You can zoom in and click on the point to make appear the names and website for the school already engaged in a school exchange program.

Cultural exchange is as much important as school exchange. Students from France welcome indian students. Usually 15 to 20 students from each country travel together during two weeks, they follow class in the foreign country and they also discover part of the culture.

To have more informations, please contact us through contact form available in this page : contact form for school exchange program.

Article updated on 17 june 2016

Video of the festival 2015

Les 6 saisons de l’Inde by the Parimal Performing Arts Center. in Landerneau, 10 may 2015.

This videos are from out youtube channel, you can see more videos by going to this link : armorindiafestival

Introduction 1: danse kathak


Introduction 2: danse bharatanatyam


Introduction 3: danse contemporaine


1/6 L’été


2/6 La saison des pluies


3/6 L’automne


4/6 La saison des rosées


5/6 L’hiver


6/6 Le printemps


Article published on 10 june 2015

First International day of Yoga : 21 June 2015

An international event launched by India


The United Nations proclaimed 21 June as the International day of yoga. This first edition will be celebrated in 120 countries.

Programme du dimanche 21 juin 2015, pour la région de Morlaix

Une conférence / discussion « YOGA ANCIEN, YOGA MODERNE »  par Jean-Michel Creismeas   (entrée libre)
Horaires : de 14h à 15h
Adresse : 41, Quai de Léon  – Locaux de AADI, La Manufacture, Morlaix
Contact : 02 98 62 45 75

Les ateliers suivants sont GRATUITS et ouverts à tous

Cours de yoga proposés par Jean-Michel Creismeas :
Horaires : 1er atelier  10h00 – 12h30 / 2ème atelier 18h30-20h00
Adresse : 20, Place des otages, Morlaix
Contact : 02 98 88 49 35 / 06 26 35 26 65 ;
Plus d’informations :

Anne Marie Corre / Association Morlaisienne de Yoga :
Horaires de l’atelier : 10h00 – 12h00
Adresse : 3, rue de Ploujean, Morlaix
Coordonnées : 02 98 15 13 38 ;
Plus d’informations : Yoga d’Inspiration Tibétaine Morlaix

Marie Pierre Salaün / Yoga § Santé :
Horaires de l’atelier : 10h45 – 11h45
Adresse : Maison des Associations de Cléder.
Cordonnées : 06 87 27 66 83 ;

Michèle Stephany / Association Mosaïque :
Horaires de l’atelier : 10h30 – 12h00, animé par Sandrine Sturlini
Adresse : Saint Pol de Léon , Ti Kastelliz, Maison des associations
Coordonnées : 06 67 29 03 21 ;

Dominique Rouillé / Yoga de l’énergie :
Horaires de l’atelier : 10h30 – 12h00
Adresse : Siège de AADI, Cour des artistes   41, Quai de Léon – la Manufacture , Morlaix
Coordonnées : 02 98 19 50 78 ; 02 98 62 45 75 ;

Cécile Page / Association de yoga tibétain:  
Horaires : 1er atelier  : 10h00 – 12h00 ; 2ème atelier 18h00 – 20h00
Adresse : 4, Allée des Cerises, Plourin-lès-Morlaix
Contact : 02 98 72 53 00 ;
autre contact :
Josée Cueff, Ploujean,

Article published on 15 june 2015

Armor India 2015 : pictures and report about the event


2015: A new edition of the festival / Wall paintings “Mumbai 2008” / French and indian students exchange program / Indian dance performance / Réunion musicale chant hindustani / Art tribal indien / Cinéma indien/ Contact

2015 : a new edition of the festival

La 9e édition du festival s’est déroulée du 10 au 17 mai 2015. AADI a poursuivit l’exploration de la culture indienne en l’ouvrant davantage à l’actualité et aux jeunes et à ceux qui participent aux échanges scolaires et universitaires. Près d’une centaine de jeunes indiens ont été présents pendant cette édition, et ils ont emporté une image moderne de la Bretagne très loin de nos frontières. Des partenariats se développent, tissant des liens amicaux et pourquoi pas économiques, entre la Bretagne et l’Inde. Voici une page de bilan des événements lors de cette édition et rendez-vous en 2016 pour le prochain festival !

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Wall painting « Mumbai 2008 »


A l’ancienne manufacture des tabacs, à Morlaix, copies des fresques réalisées par des élèves, ados et artistes de Bombay à la suite à l’attaque terroriste du 26/11/2008. Exposition des facsimilés de 30 de ces fresques murales aujourd’hui disparues, uniques et très fortes. Cette exposition a été support à un débat autour de la laïcité et la citoyenneté et des thèmes d’interculturalité et de mixité.

En résonance avec l’exposition, Une rencontre littéraire a eu lieu. Michèle Fitoussi a présenté son livre « La nuit de Bombay ».

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French and indian students exchange program

Rassemblement médiatique des délégations d’étudiants indiens de 4 Colleges de Bombay et Pune, participant aux échanges organisés en partenariat avec des lycées de la région : Morlaix, Saint Pol, Landerneau, Lannion…au total 130 jeunes français et indiens déployant des drapeaux géants français et indien, le tout filmé par un drone, les photos ainsi que la vidéo sont visibles ci-dessous :

6.Morlaix Manufacture 2015 rencontre etudiante 6

6.Morlaix Manufacture 2015 rencontre etudiante 29


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Indian dance performance

Avant première dansée du spectacle « Les 6 saisons de l’Inde » avec le Parimal Performing Arts Center, qui propose un répertoire classique et contemporain. Le groupe des 6 danseurs est rejoint par les percussionnistes Amit et Anup Joshi, pour et une fusion de danse, musique et images. Triveni.

spectacle indien

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Réunion musicale chant hindustani

Avec Parveen Sabrina Khan, jeune prodige indo-bretonne

5.reunion musicale parveen 2

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Art tribal indien

Exposition exceptionnelle d’œuvres peintes originales Warlis, Gond, Mithila. Conférence de Claudine Auroy-Breton.

4.expo art tribal 3

Expositions “échanges et voyage d’études en Inde”

Témoignages et photos, Collège Tanguy-Prigent et étudiants BTS du lycée de Suscinio.


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Cinéma indien avec la collaboration des cinémas suivants :

Le Douron – Plestin-les-Grèves
L’Étoile – Carantec
Sainte-Barbe – Roscoff
La Salamandre – Morlaix







Contact :

AADI / Armor India : 02 98 62 45 75,

Théâtre du pays de Morlaix : 02 98 15 22 77

Centre culturel Le Family : 02 98 20 29 94

Article published on 9 june 2015